TOP Transfer Alpha

A wrapper over a simple GLSL shader which copies one image’s alpha channel to another. Images should be the same resolution. Can optionally wipe the output image’s color to black in all places where alpha is greater than zero. Useful, for example, in cases where you invert an image using a Level TOP but want to leave an alpha-hidden part hidden.

TOP Transform Replicator

A fun little experiment which wraps a Replicator and builds some trippy images/video by manipulating the replicated instances by a varying degree. Allows controlling rotation/position/scale per instance, num replication instances, blurring of their borders, and composite method.

Folder to TOP selector

Allows you to specify a folder and read all the images / videos from it, switching between each as needed.

Movie Scrubber

Allows you to scrub through a movie and take “samples” of certain segments, looping or extracting them.

Random Movie

Selects a random video from a folder