I have packaged my shelves and OTLs into a package which you can download here

Skamz Houdini Package.

Here is a full list of the shelf tools & HDAs included in the package:

2D /geo tools

  • Concentric Circles - draws N circles which grow in size uniformly from the origin.
  • Connect Adjacent Points (Custom) - Does something similar to the built in Connect Adjacent Points node but with custom Vex. Useful for random noisy line generation.
  • 2D Outline - Extract a 2d outline 3d geometry.
  • Path Deform Example - an example of how to use Path Deform to emulate Illustrator’s patten brushes.
  • Image Loader - Loads an image into SOPs with correct resolution.

3D /geo tools

  • Perfect Cube Bounds - Similar to bounds but sets all x/y/z sizes to the largest of the bounding box sizes to product a perfect cube.
  • Box Voxelize - Voxelizes a geometry using Points from Volume, with cube sizes correctly linked to the resolution.
  • Split by Geometry - Splits a geometry into pieces according to another geometry’s pieces.
  • Extrude Curve to Ground - Builds a face from a curve that extends to the floor.
  • Bowl Generator - Generate a bowl from a height ramp.

Utility tools

  • Manipulate Pieces at Origin - (/geo) - A common pattern is to use two Match Sizes in a For Each loop in order to apply transforms (e.g. rotation / scale) from the piece’s center.
  • Obj Importer (Custom) - (/obj) - A slightly modified Obj Importer node which better supports material loading.
  • Models Resource Download - (/obj) - Download prototyping assets from models-resource.com
  • Asset Library Layout - (/obj) A utility package for working with asset packs. Lays assets out in a grid and lets you extract individual assets easily.

COPs tools

  • Alpha to Color - Sets white/black color based on alpha.
  • Color Pixel - Adds a marker at a specified UV / coordinate. Helpful for finding the right pivot location, for example.
  • Delete Color - Replaces a specified color with black. Includes tolerance parameter.
  • Set Alpha - Sets alpha to black / white based on the existence of color.
  • Mono (Custom) - A custom Mono node which sets the output to pure white and pure black.
  • Risograph - A complex compositor which emulates a Risograph printer. Requires alpha on the inputs
  • Bayer Dither - Dithers an image with various coloring controls.
  • Random Dither - Dithers an image with various coloring controls.
  • Standalone Python - Allows you to run an external Python script as an image processor. Helpful when you need to get/set multiple pixel values in one go or use third party Python libraries.
  • AI Upscale - Upscales images using AI (via the super_image python library)
  • DallE Generator - Generates an image using OpenAI’s DallE
  • COP Python Generator Template - A starting point for creating custom python COP generators.


  • Simple Emissive Mantra Shader - A dead-simple mantra shader which shows Cd as flat color. Just drag-n-drop this node onto your object.

Other scripts and notes

See the Houdini section in random_notes